Primary aluminium A7 (P1020), LME registered,‎ with impurities no greater than the chemical composition of one of the registered ‎designations:‎
  • P1020A in the North American and International Registration Record entitled ‎‎“International Designations and Chemical Composition Limits for Unalloyed ‎Aluminium” (revised March 2007) ‎
  • Al99.70 in the GB/T 1196-2008 Standard entitled “Unalloyed aluminium ingots ‎for remelting”‎
Primary aluminium of grades A0, A5, A5E, A6, A8, A85, AB97‎
Primary aluminium is used in the transport, construction, electrical and packaging ‎industries.‎
Available shapes - ingots, t-bars, sows
Primary Ingots