Primary Foundry Alloys (PFA)‎ ‎– Grades AlSi7Mg and AlSi11Mg are mainly for automotive industry. Available with ‎either Sr-Modified or Sr-Unmodified. Materials are supplied in the forms of ingots ‎weight 15Kgs / 10Kgs / 6 Kgs. Other customized alloys, like Al-Si-Mg, Al-Si-Cu, Al-‎Si-Cu-Mg, Al-Cu-Ti, silumins and other are available on special requests. ‎
Grade AlSi3 is supplied mainly for 55% AI-Zn ALLOY-COATED STEEL COILS for ‎roofing application. The whole structure is a complex AI-Fe-Si-Zn compound which ‎becomes a protective layer on the steel sheet in order to prevent the heating of the ‎building through better sun light reflection from the roof amidst with the excellent ‎anticorrosive properties. Materials are supplied in the forms of T-Bars.‎
Primary Foundry Alloys